postage date : 16/05/29

From the day we started as M.A.N. Group over ten years ago, we were determined to be part of Iran’s top commercial companies by hard work and commitment. We establish close relationships with our clients who are amongst well-known national and international merchants and businesses and they have always been our first priority. We managed to shape our services based on their requirements and came up with the best services there has been in Iran.  We assess and predict their demands upper hand by providing them with significant products through our vast network of resources.

Iran has its own laws and rules for importing and exporting goods and we can facilitate the whole process by our knowledge and experience. Through our connections and customers we have been able to monitor markets and foresee its movements. Currently our people want to involve in international markets in various fields more than ever and one of the best methods is adopting successful business patterns. Iran has a very dynamic 70-million market with high potentials; since they only satisfy with best goods and services that there is.

After running a flourishing commercial business and being one of the best companies in trading industry, we can now expand our prospects and start a brand new business in Iran. With our high annual turnover, we could invest in new projects including cooperating with a well-established company with a good reputation.

As you may know, the sanctions are about to be evicted in the near future and the doors are about to be opened to the world so we have decided to take the matters into our own hands and be among the first companies to exclusively represent a globally acclaimed company in Iran.

We strongly believe if we closely cooperate with each other, we could both profit from a win-win situation and expand our businesses to look at brighter horizons ahead of us. We invite you to join us in one of the best investment opportunities Iran can offer us. But we have to act now and fast because other competitors are about to enter our market and take the action. We hope there would be a chance for us to be one of your best partners in that business. So kindly consider our proposal and give us your idea and plan about this request.