postage date : 16/06/01

On Tuesday April 19th in Tehran Chamber of Commerce, the trade delegation of Russian Federation conferred with Iranian businessmen with the purpose of amplifying bilateral ties.

In this meeting, the President of TCCIMA Mr. Masoud Khansari said, Iran and Russia had not a close business ties yet. He hoped that nuclear deal could result in expansion of trade relations between the two countries.

 He believed that business relations should not only be restricted in goods trading, but also in industrial relations and investing on industrial manufacturing projects is one way of expanding bilateral ties.

In the following, Mr. Orlov, Minister for Investment and Development of the Sverdlovsk Oblast counted many features of Ural. It is considered to be the most important region in Russia with more than 80 academic institutions and can recruit Iranian students off. all degrees in purpose of expanding academic opportunities between the two countries.

He said their most important goal is expanding their economic relations in metallurgy field and in that meeting; there were resourceful groups in metallurgy machinery field.

Generally their purpose is increasing the volume of exporting and trading with Iran.