postage date : 16/06/06

Exporting is a major component of international trade with many different obstacles on the way, but at the same, there is a profit to be made in export. Trade barriers are generally defined as government laws, regulations, policy, or practices, but we have put effort to facilitate the whole process of export with knowledge and experience; therefore, you can obtain qualified export counseling and develop a marketing plan before starting an export business. The plan should clearly define goals, objectives, and problems encountered in this business. We secure a commitment from our top management to overcome the initial difficulties and financial requirements of exporting to establish a basis for profitable operations. We are willing to modify products to meet regulations or cultural preferences of other countries. Since, one of the main objectives of the company is export of high quality domestic products to our customers all around the world. We assess markets through export research to identify their marketing opportunities and constraints within individual foreign markets to identify and find prospective buyers and customers.