postage date : 16/06/06

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M.A.N. Group is an international private trading company established in Tehran, Iran. The company was founded in 2004 as service-oriented commercial company providing comprehensive range of services to domestic and international companies to import and export products to new and existing markets. Over the past decade, we have established associations that are our invaluable assets for promotion of different businesses. We take a look into the import/export business, consider the risks, and consider the advantages to come up with the best possible solutions for our clients’ needs.

We are honored to provide our customers with our quality services such as; import, export, market research, freight forwarding, inspections and investment advisory. We are well aware of our market’s interests and potentials to recognize opportunities in order to connect you with domestic businesses and vice versa. We know how to best search the market for products that meet your interest and speak the language to negotiate the best prices and customizing products and documentation to meet local and international import/export laws. We save your time and money by unnecessary documentation. We have capabilities and knowledge to handle a variety of transactions in the international trade environment.

It is our long-term goal to become the preferred trading company for our unique services and together we hope to conquer the business obstacles to enjoy a sizable profit. With our business and cultural knowledge, combined with our excellent connections and market research ability, we will provide you with rewarding opportunities.

As you know, Iran is fully enriched with natural resources such as; oil, gas…etc. but it does not end there. According to our geopolitics, we have access to both the Middle East by land and rail, and to worldwide by air and sea. We also enjoy the energy, activity, and creativity of our young laboring class whose motivations and commitments can make dreams come true.

 With the dawn of a new century, we have begun a new chapter in human history. The known geographical borders are no longer an issue for communicating across the nations. With this new development, we can pass on new knowledge about technology and economy. We can all work together on different projects, build new businesses and at the end enjoy a mutual profit. Regarding that matter, we can pave your way in reaching your goals with any means necessary. We can introduce you to new resources, so you could work better with your appliances to produce profitable products.